California Trip

A couple of weeks ago I went to California with Barbara for a week vacation of exploration. Our trip started in LA, ventured down to San Diego and ended in sunny Palm Springs. I really enjoyed the unfamiliar landscape (being my first time on the west coast) and pleasant beachy weather. When we weren't eating Mexican food (which was all the time), we did a lot of walking-- through desert trails, up cliffs, and over foot bridges. Along the way I made great use out of my camera, carrying it everywhere and photographing everything. I had a fun time playing around with a telephoto lense which my dad had lent me for the trip. I never knew how much I really enjoy taking pictures until now. So, here are a few photos from the week:

Now that I'm home, my mini goal is to keep on photographing. Hopefully some inspiration will come about to nudge me back into the groove of painting....


  1. Glad you enjoyed your California trip... I'm here in Philadelphia and will be off to NY in a day or so. .... A treat from my daughter.

    Happy painting!!!

  2. these pics are amazing lisa, looks like you had an amazing time and i never knew you were so good at photography!!