Barbara (in progress)

There were a couple of times last semester that I tried my hand at portraiture for class assignments. I didn't think I was half bad so here I am trying it again. If I keep this up I figure it may be a new avenue worth pursuing next year in my Portfolio class. This morning I had a mini photo-shoot with Barbara and here is what came of it:

painting at the kitchen table

my palette

The panel is 12x12, which is a nice comfortable size (not too overwhelming for a first attempt). The painting is still in progress with about 4 hours of work in. Tomorrow I'll finish it up, articulating the shirt as well as polishing up little details (earrings, hair...). I feel pretty good with the result so far, and what's more important is that it felt good to just paint again- to sit, listen to music, and think about nothing but putting the right shape and color down. Having a good painting session is probably one of the greatest feelings. Very rewarding.


  1. I know that person. Great stuff, Lisa!

    What colors are you using on your palette these days?

  2. Thanks Graig! Colors: titanium white, alizarin, cad red deep, cad red, cad orange, cad yellow light , cad yellow lemon, yellow ochre, tera rosa, transparent oxide red, viridian, cobalt, ultramarine. !! woah that took forever

  3. I was just looking for the "like" button that doesn't exist on here.That looks great lis!